Jokes that are Actually Funny

It is always considered a very good deed from anyone to make laugh someone who is angry or depressed. We use different ways and methods to make happy someone for a short time. The simplest, short and old mean to make laugh someone is jokes. Jokes had been used for thousands of years in human societies to make a laugh or to make the atmosphere light. Now a day, when every person is in hurry and have lot of tensions in his or her life, can enjoy some moments by telling or listening the beautiful, simple and funny jokes. We are going through a materialistic age and we don not have much time for each other. We can have some little and short chitchat in which jokes can make all of us happy and release our tensions at some extent. This is an only way, which is very suitable for all of us.



1. Ricky: Do not fight with girls.

John: Why?

Ricky: Because they always carry their weapons with them: Cosmetics and tears!!



2. Husband: Am I looking like a fool?

Wife: No at all, but what is the value of my opinion compared to that of hundreds of others



3. Q: What is the difference between a man who is buying a lottery ticket and a man who is arguing with his wife?

A: Lottery ticket buyer has still some chances to win!!



4. Boy asked to his gym coach: I want to impress my girlfriend, Pl suggest me which machine should I use?

Gym Coach: Best machine to impress any girl is an ATM Machine!!



5. One man bought two fishes and named them 1 and 2.

His friend asked: Why did you name these fishes 1 and 2?

Man replied: If 1 dies still i have 2!!



6. Harry: Can you tell me, what is the best way to remember my wife's birthday?

John: It's very simple, just forget it once!



7. Shelly: I think you must have taken birth in the highway.

Tom: Why you think so?

Shelly: Because that is the place where all major accidents happen!



8. Kristine: I am giving a grand party on my 19th birthday. Are you coming to attend it? 

James: No, I attended those four years ago!


9. Teacher: You know kids, where there is a will.

One kid added: There are hundreds of relatives behind!



10. 60 years old Hubby: Do you get upset when I run to flirt with other ladies?

Spouse: No way! Lots of dogs run towards cars but it doesn't mean that they can drive it.

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