6 Jokes for Road Trips with Toddlers and Preschoolers

Children are very sensitive. They should be handled gently and with extra care. They are the building blocks of a society and future of a country. The building of their character in a right direction is very essential. For this purpose these children are taken on recreational and educational trips. On these trips the children may get bore due to long routes and immature age. To keep their interest and to entertain them teachers or elders told them funny and entertaining jokes which lessen the length of route and make the tour enjoyable. Here are few of those funny and entertaining jokes which can make anybody laugh and are quite a good time pass. These jokes not only entertain them but also give them an important lesson about life so that they can face the bitter realities of life later on.



1. There was a sign board near school.

"Plz drive carefully, don't harm the students..

Wait for teachers!"


2. Tourist: I'm on vacation, but I would like to settle here.

Immigration Officer: Do you have any prison record?

Tourist: Shit! I didn't know I needed them anymore! 


3. Question: What did the traffic light say to the car?

Answer: Don't look, I'm changing! 


4. Teacher: Could you please pay a little attention here?

Student: yes mam, I am paying as little attention as i can. 


5. Two student were chatting..

First: Do you know what is snake's funny favorite subject?

Second: No, you tell.

First: Hisssstory!!!


6. At an airport ticket counter...


Traveller: A return ticket, please.


Airline staff: Where to, sir?


Traveller: Back here, please. 

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