Jokes to Tell a Girl

What is the most difficult thing in this world? Yes, your answer is right, if answer is a woman who is happy with you. It is really a big task for every boy or man in this world to make women happy. It may be very easy for you or may be one of the difficult things you ever had. It totally depends upon your sense of humor and your attitude. If you have a great sense of humor, and you can make her laugh for a while, it will be very good for you. Girls mostly like the boys who make them happy or laugh. It is not necessary that how you make them laugh or what method you adapt. You can do it by telling them something funny about her or you. You can also bring a smile on her face by telling them different jokes about girls.



1. Boy: What do you think, how do I play Guitar..?

Girl: I wish you were on T.V.

Boy: I am so happy to hear that, Am I that Good? 

Girl: Ummm... Not really; if you were on T.V. I can at least switch it off. 



2. Girl: Who is more beautiful Me or Moon?

Boy: I Don’t really Know but I know

when I see you I totally forget the Moon

and when I see the Moon I remember You



3. Why r boys so careless & irresponsible?


they know that somewhere a sweet & innocent girl is learning 2 be responsible 4 them anyway



4. Usually boys believe in what they see and

girls believe in what they hear,

that is why ....

boys lie and girls wear make up



5. Girl1: I’m in love

Girl2: who is he

Girl3: how does he look

Girl4: what color

Girl5: how tall is he

Girl6: what is he doing

After full inspection: girls reply be careful he might be a bad boy


6. Now same situation

boy1: I’m in love

boy2: bhai party

boy3: bhai party

boy4: bhai party



7. 1st girl: Aaj ek ladko ka koi eitbar nahi..

maii to ab uska muh bhi nahi dekhungi.

2nd girl: Kyu kya hua tumne use kisi aur ladki ke sath dekh lia?

1st girl: Nahi usne mujhe kisi aur ladke ke sath dekh lia hai.

Jabki woh kal keh raha tha ke woh out of city jaraha hai.

Jhutha, Dhokebaaz, Farebi.



8. Boy: Mera dil mobile hai aur tum uski sim.

Girl: ek bat puchun?

Boy: Han Pooch.

Girl: tmhra mobile double sim wala to nahi hai?



9. Only 2 things Can Change a girl’s Mood.

1) I Love You.

2) 50% Discount!



10. Latest way of proposing a girl today.





Want to be my face book password???

A small girl looks at her

brother’s girlfriend and asks innocently…

Everyday u come to meet my brother,

Don’t u have your own brother?

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