Santa Banta Funny Jokes

Jokes are very beautiful thoughts which are expressed by a person to make laugh the others. They are used in human societies to have a fun and make the atmosphere light and smiling. There are every kind of jokes for different age groups, teachers, school, university and every aspect of life. Jokes about Santa Banta are very popular now a day. It is generally said that there is a little bit Santa and Banta in every Sikh. Santa Banta is two characters of jokes.  They are the fictional joke characters some how known as Santa Singh and Banta Singh. Santa and Banta make people laugh and they give them happiness as a gift from their jokes. In some Indian tribes Santa and Banta are the gods of their people and they worship them. Santa Banta jokes are very simple and full of laughter, which make your faces full of smile.




1. Santa: Train ki patri per so gya, 

Banta: Train aa gyi to tu mar jayega? 

Santa: Le aina vada plane uppron langh gya train ki cheez hai.



2. SANTA : School me 1 sfed or 1 kala shoes pehn ke aa gya, 

Principal: ja ghar ja ke shoes badal k aa, 

SANTA : sir ghar ja ke koi faeeda nhi, ghar me b 1 sfed aur 1 kala shoes hi ha.


3. Santa banta nu: Tu bike ini tej kyun chla riha hai?                        

Banta: Ae khat bda urgent dena hai,

Santa: kithe?

Banta: Address padhan da time nahi milya hune.


4: Santa (Doctor) to banta: Tumhe brain tumer hai 

Banta : Oye hoye khush khabari, 

Santa : Tum itne khush kyu ho ? 

Banta : is se to ye bat sabit hoti hai ki mere pas dimag to hai. 


5: Santa : Oye banta car ki speed Q bdha rha hai, 

Banta : Car ki break fail ho gyi, is se pehle ke koi accident ho jave, 

Ghar jaldi ponch jana chaye.

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