7 Funny Jokes about Jobs, Bosses and Salaries

When a person steps into his professional life he comes across so many different experiences. Dealing with people of different moods during the job, tolerating attitude of your boss and than the joy to spend your salary, all are inter linked.  During your job, your boss can be your friend as well as a mentor. But sometimes the situation is opposite. Your boss can be your worst nightmare. In order to carry out your job successfully with the maximum efficiency and skill, one must know the art of dealing with your boss, your colleagues and creating fun at workplace. Doing your work by making it more creative can increase effectiveness and reduce stress. Nothing can make you more contented than to get a bonus along with your salary and than spending your money on family entertainment and fun. Multiply the cheers by sharing our collection of jokes about jobs, bosses and salaries with your colleagues and friends. 



1) Our Boss was complaining during a staff meeting that people didn’t respect him enough. He came in the next day with a sign for his door it said, “I am the boss”.
One of the employees apparently not appreciating the change posted a post-a-note on the sign it said “your wife wants her sign back”


2) Uh ho…. “I wonder if the boss noticed I haven’t done a thing all day”
Boss: you should check your emails more often, “I fired you three weeks ago”


3) Mike: Hey you know I have been awarded with salary bonus as a employee of the month.
Smith: Employee of the month is a good example of how somebody can be both a winner
and a loser at the same time.


4) When you take a long time, you're slow.
When your boss takes a long time, he's thorough.
When you don't do it, you're lazy.
When your boss doesn't do it, he's too busy.


5) "Sir, what is the secret of your success?" an employee asked his boss.
"Right decisions."
"And how do you make right decisions?"
"And how do you get Experience?"
"Wrong decisions"


6) One day an employee sends a letter to his boss to increase his salary!!!
The reply was: We can think of it but after his life.

7) A businessman was confused about a bill he had received, so he asked his secretary for some mathematical help. "If I gave you $1,500 minus 3%, how much would you take off?"
The secretary replied, "Everything but my earrings."

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