6 Jokes for New Homeowners, Business Owners and Property Owners

Whenever somebody starts a new business or buys a new home there are some people who always taunt him and make fun of him. Some of these people are those who are jealous of his development and cannot see him prospering and advancing in the way of life while some are those who merely make fun just to create a good atmosphere or share others happiness and joy. Here are some jokes which are interesting, funny as well as encouraging and do not hurt anybody’s feelings or tends to humiliate anybody. These jokes give hope and support as well as a lesson besides making the atmosphere light and entertaining. These jokes not only entertain people but also tends to explain the joy one has on the advancement or development of the one who is starting a new business or buying a new home and progressing in the way of life and raising standard of not only himself but also of his family.



1. Business Owner while interview with candidate:-

Business Owner: 'I killed a person' convert this sentence into future tense.

Candidate: The future tense is 'you will go to jail'.


2. Salesman to Property Owner: Oh boss, i sold a land to a investor which is completely under water, he is very short temper, so i think that i should refund his money.

Property Owner: What kind of salesman you are? Just go back and sell a houseboat to him.


3. Businessman: There are many funny stupid people.

Customer: God must love stupid people. He made So many.


4. Businessman: Never argue with an idiot.

Employer; Why?

Businessman: He will drag you down to their level and then beat you with his experience.


5. Customer: Tell Imagine, you are in locked in room, how can yourself if it caught fire?

Property Owner: Very simple, Stop imagining...


6. A son of businessman standing below a tube light with an open mouth...

Do you know why?

Because his doctor advised him "Tonight's dinner should be light"

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