15 Funny Jokes about Love, Hate and Relationships

Man is a social animal and he cannot spend his life in alienation. We are blessed with the relationships we have with our family whether we like it or not. By being social and interacting with people in society, man creates many relationships which could be of love, friendship or hate. The relationship of love and friendship is the most beautiful relation in ones life. This love and affection can be towards your mother, father, your siblings or a friend. Having some negative thoughts for a person or simply hating someone can never be permanent. But the love and affection you feel for someone can change your life and adds a lot of charm. Life can become beautiful if you have love and relationships that can make every moment full of happiness. Here are some jokes for you about love, hate and relationship to enjoy and share with your family and friends and have a good laugh. 



1) Girl : Do you love me?
Boy:Yes Dear.
Girl: Would you die for me?
Boy :No, mine is undying love.


2) What's the difference between pleasure and torture?
Pleasure is thinking of you and torture is thinking of you too much.


3) Question: Which day of the week is most hated by fish?
Answer: Fry Day


4) MR. SLIMPURSE—"But why do you insist that our daughter should marry a man whom she does not like? You married for love, didn't you?"
MRS. SLIMPURSE—"Yes; but that is no reason why I should let our daughter make the same blunder."


5) A boy asked his friend what is the meaning of 'FRIENDSHIP'?
The Boy replied that FRIENDSHIP is when you rob my CHOCOLATES everyday from my bag and I still keep it in the same place.


6) “Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.”


7) I'm thinking u. I want to be with u. I am longing for u. I have a crush on u. I love u.
Ikaw, love mo rin ba ang letter u?


8) If you are alone, I'll be your shadow.
If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder.
If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow.
If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile.
If you need money, wait for your salary.


9) Say, Joe,” a man said to his friend, “how do you like your new job?”
“It’s the worst job I have ever had.” “How long have you been there?” asked his buddy.
“About three months.” Said Joe. “Why don’t you quit?” said his friend.
“No way. This is the fist time in 25 years that I got a job.


10) RICH MAN—"Would you love my daughter just as much if she had no money?"
SUITOR—"Why, certainly!"
RICH MAN—"That's sufficient. I don't want any idiots in this family."


11) Boyfriend: Do you think my salary is sufficient for you?
Girlfriend: It is sufficient for me, but how will you survive?


12) Man 1: My son is not listening to anything I say, I hate his habits, what should I do?
Man 2: Is he so adamnant?
Man 1: No, he is deaf.


13) John: It is such a wonderful feeling to be in love.
Lee: hey my friend when you are in love, you wish you were married. When you are married, you wish you were in love.


14) Girlfriend to Boyfriend: Now it is time we should marry.
Boyfriend: That's ok, but who will marry us.


15) Q: How can you tell if a man is happy?
A: Who cares?

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