6 Jokes for IT Professionals, Manager, Geeks and IT Nerds

People have to work in some field to survive and to make some money, to provide better standard of living to their family and to meet the basic necessities of life. There are many fields in which people are expert and earn their live hood. Some of these are very interesting fields while others are bit boring. One of them is I.T or computer programming field. In it one has to deal with complex commands and has to do boring programming work. In order excite the things in the life and speed it up a bit people send text messages to I.T professionals and general managers to change their moods and to make them forget the tension of work for time being. These text messages give opportunity to these I.T professionals and managers to refresh their busy minds in a short time and then again get going with their hard, blood sucking, boring work.



1. Long time ago, lots of persons who sacrificed:-

their sleep..

their food..

their family..

their laughter..


were called SAINTS..


But now they are called..

Software engineers.


2. Son to an I.T professional “you know more IP addresses off the top of your head than phone numbers in your cell”


3. A son of manager standing below a tube light with an open mouth...

Do you know why?

Because his doctor advised him "Tonight's dinner should be light"


4.. An I.T professional dial the wrong number on his phone and look for "undo". When he don't find it, you grumble about how primitive the phones are.


5. While interview with candidate:-

Manager: 'I killed a person' convert this sentence into future tense.

Candidate: The future tense is 'you will go to jail'.



6. Group of Nineteen I.T professionals went for a movie.

On asking them why they came in a big group of Nineteen.

They Replied that the movie was only for the people ABOVE Eighteen !!!

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