8 Jokes for Seventh Eighth Ninth Tenth Eleventh Graders

Youngsters are the future of every nation and they are they need proper care and attention. If they are neglected then their personality is not well groomed and it is fatal for their as well as country’s future as they are the ones who have to lead the country in future and have to solve the problems not only for themselves but also for the other people who are looking at them as their future leaders. The new generation is like a hot iron they will mould themselves in a way in which we will force them to. If we give them proper guidance and training they can lead us and our country to new heights. Here are some jokes for young ones of 7th, 8th, and 9th standard who are the hopes of our future and our as well as our country’s future. These jokes will amuse them as well as give them a hidden lesson which will help them in building their character.



1. A boy's Facebook status update...

"I'm on fb during class... Hahaha..."

Teacher comments...

"turn to page 47..." 


2. Waiter: Would you like your coffee black, sir?

Mr Humour: What other colours do you have? 


3. Definition of Father: A banker provided by nature. 


4. Dad: Son, this time I expect 80 percent marks in your final examination.

Son: No dad, I'll manage 100 percent.

Dad: Don't joke with me.

Son: Who started it, dad? 


5. During the maths class at a junior school...

Teacher: Now class, whatever I ask, I want you all to answer at once. How much is 6 plus 4?

Class: At once, ma'am! 


6. A classroom in progress at a junior school...

Teacher: Now students, you know how motors work. Can one of you explain?

John: I can!

Teacher: Then, please do!

John: Gar-gar-garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Teacher: Please, stop!

John: Ghatt...ghatt...ghat... 


7. Two little kids talking...

First kid: You know, my father is afraid of crossing the roads!

Second kid: Really! But how do you know that?

First kid: He always holds my hand while crossing the roads! 


8. There was this man who would regularly pray to God that he wins a lottery...

One day, God asked him, "Why don't you buy the ticket for once?"

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