7 Funny Jokes to Use In Speeches, Presentations, and Conversation

Speeches and presentations are famous form of expression. Conversation is the common one but all three are important. However, sometimes the topics of speeches and presentation are really serious and sometimes sound boring as well. In this case, presenters try to convince the audience by adding interesting things in their speech. Funny lines and jokes also make speech or presentation enjoyable and keep the interest of listeners alive. This aspect is more important when we talk about speech competitions. A boring topic can be presented in a lighter way by adding jokes and funny lines in that. In common conversation role of funny jokes is equally important. Some serious topics can be said in a lighter tone by adding jokes in it. It conveys the message without hurting someone. Here, we have collected some jokes for you, which you can add in your speech, presentation or conversation. 



1. Religion (Good Friday Joke) - As most of you are probably aware of, today is good Friday. If (insert favorite sports team) wins tonight, I’ll have to upgrade it to!


2. A person started his presentation by saying "I feel like the deceased at a wake. I'm not expected to say much, but you can't start this meeting without me. So I'll be brief." 


3. Climate Change (Earth Day Joke) - With today being Earth Day I am going to try to be more respectful of our planet’s climate. Therefore, as a change from my usual protocol, during this speech I will not be burning tires on stage tonight.


4. Economics (Stock Market Joke) - A lot of people have been talking about the volatility in the market lately, I might not be an economist, but I will tell you my plan of investing in McDonald’s Monopoly game has been paying off… I’ve already won four free Egg McMuffins…. Retirement here I come!


5. I’m sorry for my lateness, before I left my home this morning I was practicing my speech in front of my dog, I refused to leave until he gave me a standing ovation… it took a while.


6. It’s pretty hot in here and we are all probably going sweat a few pounds off. You are getting a very special two for one today… My speech will not only be educational but a great way to lose weight!


7. At breakfast I had hot cocoa, at lunch I had frozen lemonade, if today’s weather continues to change like this, at dinner I’m having an iced coffee served extra hot.

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