Stupid, Lame and Bad Jokes that are Funny

We often have different types of moods at different times. Sometime we possess a mood, in which we require some kind of light and funny jokes to tell to others. However, some time we want to listen dumb or bad jokes. It is totally depend on our mood or the listener who is listening our jokes. There are many types of jokes like bad jokes, funny jokes, dumb jokes, stupid jokes etc. Now, it depends on the company in which you are enjoying chitchat. If there are your friends only, than you will prefer to tell them bad and lame jokes, which they will really enjoy. However, if there is your family in front of you and you have to make them laugh, then you would choose light and really type of funny jokes, which do not contain any vulgarity. So always, be careful to choose the type of jokes.



1: What's pink and fluffy?

Pink fluff.

What's blue and fluffy?

Pink fluff holding its breath.



2: What did Batman say to Robin before they got in the car?

Get in the car, Robin!



3: Vampire 1: I loved you the moment I saw you!

Vampire 2: It must have been love at first bite!



4: Person 1: What's the difference between a chicken and an elephant?

Person 2: I dont know, what is the difference between a chicken and an elephant?

Person 1: Boy, I'd hate to send you to the store to buy a couple of chickens!



5: Two Blondes meet on either side of a river... 

One says "How do you get to the other side?"  

Other one says "You are on the other side!



6: Why has the elephant got big ears?

Because! Nobody wouldn't pay the ransom.

Lame, short and bloody old. :lol:



7: What is green, has 8 legs and will kill you if it falls from a tree??

A snooker table.



8: What did the apple say to the orange?

Nothing stupid, apples don't talk.



9: What's the last thing a drummer says to his band members?

"Hey guys I wrote a song!"



10: What did one cannibal say to the other while they were eating a clown?

Does this taste funny to you?

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