10 Funny Arena Team Names

With the advancement of technology, we got new ways and means of entertainment. One of them is the online games, which are not only a good mode of time pass but also help us to develop our mental abilities. Arena is one of these games, which teams play with each other. The members of a team should be 80 or 85, and the rating of the teams goes up and down by winning or losing a match. You will see many funny names of these Arena teams, as people want to appear unique and different from others. A different name gives them a unique identity. Funny names are usually appreciated as people can remember them for longer period of time. A funny team name also helps you to reduce the stress during the game. Here, we have collected few funny Arena team names for you. You can choose one to start your game.


1.    GTFO
2.    Pinklemmingandblucow
3.    MMOS before hose
4.    Elephantitis
5.    Huck the Forde
6.    Eight inches unbuffed
7.    Hot fuzz
8.    Kennef
9.    Troll
10.  The fuzzy and the ugly

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