10 Funny Color and Code Names

There was a time, when people think that nature has gifted us only a limited number of colors. However it is not. Nature is very beloved and man is also struggling. With the efforts of man and with the advancement in science and technology, it has become very easy to discover new things. In case of colors, this concept seems truer. Today, scientists have discovered so many colors with mixture of different colors, that it has become very tough to count the number of colors. For identification, these colors have given some specific codes. You can say that these codes are in actual the names of colors. Another cool thing related to colors and their codes is that, the names of some colors are really hilarious. You cannot stop smile after reading these names. Here, I have a very list of some very funny color and code names.


   Color                                                               Code


1. Azure                                                             F0FFFF

2. Alice Blue                                                       F0F8FF

3. Fuchsia                                                          FF00FF

4. Ghost White                                                   F8F8FF

5. Mocassin                                                        FFE4B5

6. Olive Drab                                                      6B8E23

7. Pale Golden Rod                                            EEE8AA

8. Papaya Whip                                                  FFEFD5

9. Peach Puff                                                      FFDAB9

10. Old Lace                                                         FDF5E6


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