10 Funny Competitor and Athlete Names

We all love sports, some of us like to play certain games while other just love to watch them on TV screen or in Stadium. Many games are famous all around the world, like football and tennis while others are played in limited countries only. Athletes are usually famous all around the world as they participate in events like Olympics, which are seen around the globe. Many athletes have very different names, which sounds really funny. At times, they sound funny because they belong to some other language, but at times people call them with these funny names due to some funny feature in their personality. No matter what is the reason behind these funny names, but we always enjoy them and a smile touch our lips whenever we hear these funny names. Here we have a collection of few funny names of these athletes, which you will defiantly enjoy.

1.    Homer
2.    Assol
3.    De’coddy Fag
4.    Dick Butkus
5.    Pusy pole
6.    Misty Pole
7.    Pete Locock
8.    Ombangwa
9.    Pojulose
10.    Colon Kuntz

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