10 Funny Cricket Team Names

Cricket is a sport played and enjoyed worldwide. This sport has a history of how it evolved and reached different countries of the world. Two teams of 11 players with a coach at the ground aim to score more runs than the other team and to dismiss the opponents with a perfect run rate. Cricket is all about scoring runs and sends home the players of the opponents with a flawless bating and balling line. This sport is enjoyed at parks and playgrounds, in school and colleges or at home by a large majority of kids and adults. Watching others is entertaining but playing it in the field and taking the stress is much more thrilling and nerve shaking. We have a collection of funny cricket team names for you. You can name your team by choosing a name which you find perfect for your cricket team. So go ahead and select the most hilarious one.



1) Enemies of the ball
2) Freaking XI
3) Tireless runners
4) "Bang" brothers
5) Six Sixers
6) The big fat chickens
7) 11 Musketeers
8) Trophy fighters
9) Crazy 11
10) "Cricky cricket"

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