10 Funny Crossfit Team Names

Crossfit is a game for physical strength. All types of physical exercises and games gymnastics, weight lifting, jumping power lifting, aerobics and, etc. are includes in it. The player uses strength, stamina and power for showing his/her skills. This activity is mostly used in gyms all over the world. It is a fun game for communities and another purpose is fitness. The most important fact about crossfit is weight lose. Many people enjoy this for its results in building muscles and reducing fats. But this not only for losing weight you can gain and maintain weight also, you have to follow few steps especially diet control, exercises and games. The player has to increase some calories and skip sodas and fats from his food intake. Some people consider it a rigorous physical exercise and for athlete it is like a military fitness program. For doing crossfit one has to join any professional or local cross fit gymnasium.



  1. Tough guys
  2. Cunning stunts
  3. Horse hoofs
  4. Sweet santas
  5. Green gangs
  6. Copy catz
  7. Cross heroes
  8. Health hunters
  9. Hip hops
  10. Speed masters

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