10 Funny English Town Names

No doubt, cities in every country play a vital role in the progress of a nation due to availability of every possible facility. However, you cannot deny this fact that the beauty of any country is only hidden in its towns and villages. The reason is that, towns are such places of every country, where the true culture of that region is still alive. The true example of such towns is English towns. Another attraction of these towns is their names. How cool their names are, you cannot imagine. When first time, I read their names, I really become surprised to know that how is it possible that a town name could be such humorous. But it was not a dream, it was reality. I know, you cannot wait more than this. So don’t worry buddy! I am about to closing my talks and presenting a cool list of funny English town names.


1. Staines , Surrey 

2. Ugley, Essex  

3. Pant, Shropshire 

4. The Bush, Buckinghamshire 

5. Snatchup, Hertfordshire

6. Happy Bottom, Dorset

7. The Knob, Oxfordshire

8. Crotch Cresent, Oxfordshire

9. Back Passage, London

10. Twatt, Orkney

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