10 Funny Event Names

Sometimes, such moments occurs in a person’s life, when he becomes very happy. You are damn clear about sufferings of routine life. These hardships force the people to not participate in enjoyable activities. In my point of view, there are two types of funny events in a person’s life. First is that one, which is planned by the person itself like its own marriage ceremony, getting a better job, unexpected promotion etc. All these types of events are such as, that a person creates with his own willingness. Obviously, these events are a good source of pleasure for him. On the other hand, some moments are like those, which happen accidently but have ability to spread a smile on everyone’s face. Here, I have collected the names of some very funny event names and want to share with you just for sake of fun and happiness.


1. Who Want to be a Millionaire

2. Funny Feud

3. Tug-of-War

4. Guess How Many

5. Wall of Fame

6. Tourney Time

7. Jail and Bail

8. Host An International Lunch

9. Wheel of Fortune

10. Shave The Boss’s Head


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