10 Funny Fish Names

You know that GOD has not only created a lot of birds, animals but there is another type of creature called fish. I think I have no need to discuss its delicious taste and highly beneficial omega 3 fatty acids, as it is an obvious thing. The thing to discuss here is that, how much kinds of fish species are existed in this world? I am sure that there might be any person who could count the number of fish species. What about the names of these fish species? Undoubtedly, we do not know the name of all types of fishes. However, just tell only a few of such fish names that could be humorous. If you don’t know any funny name of fish species, then don’t worry and just cheer up. Here, I have gathered some very funny names of different fish species and hope you will enjoy so much.


1. Dory

2. Elvis

3. Cutie

4. Buggsy

5. Rendo

6. Blast

7. Suchi

8. Twister

9. Simeon

10. Dereka

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