10 Funny Go Kart and Karting Team Names

Karting is motor car racing game. The automobiles used in the game have rear-engines called karts or go karts. In 1950s karing was first introduced in United States. At firs waste engines of lawn mower were utilized in its making. Later, go karting developed and its competitions turned into champion trophies. This game is highly enthusiastic and dangerous because of not having protective structure and body of the vehicles. The most significant thing is its wheels which are smaller than normal sized wheel. These races are held on the stadiums with racing tracks. The speed for the race is over 100 miles and for international championship racing tracks built on 1000 yards are used. The racing now organized on a large level in New Zealand, England, Germany and Canada. Best engines for go karting are made in Italy now. Karting race is not limited to stadium only, many pc games are also developed to participate and play it online.


  1. Speedo meters
  2. White horses
  3. Bonny saddle
  4. Fishman prefix
  5. Big buses
  6. Lightening cars
  7. Red riders
  8. City rollers
  9. Ice walkers
  10. Time machines


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