10 Funny Hockey Team Names

Hockey is one of the most popular sports around the world. The common reason of its popularity is its different forms. Hockey is played in a number of different forms and fields. Field hockey and ice hockey are the most populous ones. Other forms include roller hockey, sledge hockey and unicycle hockey. Because of the large variety of the fields it is liked by a large number of audiences according to their interest and liking. This game is played with a curved stick and a ball in which two teams play against each other. If you are also a hockey lover and want to have a team of yours, we can help you to choose a perfect name for your team. It is fun when you play with your own team at school or college and enjoy the real excitement of the game. Go through our list of funny hockey team names and choose the one you find perfect for your team.



1) The puck bunnies
2) Pucked Up
3) Thundering Nerd
5) Medium Nasty
6) Ice To Beat You
7) Supa Dupa Flyz
8) Rainbow Ryder
9) Lamplighters
10) Awesome Opposumz

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