10 Funny Lacrosse Team Names

A team of Indians (North Americans) had introduced lacrosse in United States. It was much appreciated in the Inter-collegiate competitions. In 1904 this game was included in Olympics for its popularity. Only three teams USA, Canada and Great Britain participated in the Olympics. The field require for play is 110 yard long and 60 yards wide. A ball made of sponge rubber and three to six feet sticks are used for playing lacrosse. The game is divided into four periods of 15 minutes. It is fast game because every player has to reach for goal in less time. Each team has three defense men, attack men and middle fielders. Game starts with unique ceremony each player introduces himself to his opponent. They wish good luck to each other and shake hands. This game has distinctive feature like carry, catch and pass the ball. There are women teams for Lacrosse only in Europe and America.


  1. Canadian crosses
  2. Top Tides
  3. Cross flyers
  4. Wood sticks
  5. Witty warriors
  6. Shoe bags
  7. Rock fans
  8. The Foresters
  9. Sea brooks
  10. Rose villas

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