10 Funny Myths

A myth is a concept or a belief about the things, the way they are and the way they influence us. The category of myths varies from culture to culture and country to country. A myth in one culture may not be considered the same in the other. The people who are very particular about such beliefs take precautions to avoid the negative effects. If you take the myths seriously, it can affect the way you take life and act towards it. Myths are usually generated by the ancestors or the religious people of a culture and are considered as a part of the tradition. They are taken as true stories of the past. Here are some funny myths that you will enjoy reading. You will find this collection humorous and interesting. Share these myths with your buddies to make them aware of a new angle to view the things around. You will enjoy a good laugh with them reading this collection.



1) Your cell phone can unlock your car
2) Dogs are blind to colors.
3) An ancient British legend about a worm that grew into a dragon, and terrorized northern England, until a hero came to fight it.
4) Chocolate, tea and cola beverages can be lethal
5) Cats enjoy nine lives.
6) Duck quacks do not echo.
7) It is unlucky if a black cat passes by your way.
8) Sharks do not get cancer.
9) Cell phones cause gas pump explosions
10) Dogs have cleaner mouth compared to humans

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