10 Funny Offensive Team Names

Offensive is a behavior, attitude or a style which show aggression and displeasure. In sports and games player shows offensive behavior to the opponents. By doing so, they violate the rules. In normal life people become offensive with each other in minor issues and assault other. But when any one talks about war he admires the offensive attacks against the rival. For convincing other this attitude is morally not good. You can speak liberally but cannot win others heart by using displeasing remarks. Some people are used to call other by disgusting name which hurts the feelings of other. We usually don’t like those who make us angry and provoke rage. Our social code and norms direct us tolerance and patience. To avoid such behavior we should talk to each other with good manners and behave calmly if the opponent is insane. Remember, offensive attitude in fun is opposite to its meaning, friends, colleagues and close relations enjoy offensive names.


  1. Dog pounds
  2. Stupid strikers
  3. The vultures
  4. Gay donkeys
  5. Red rogues
  6. Black diamonds
  7. Bloody shines
  8. Blind soldiers
  9. Ugly kings
  10. Bug beaters

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