10 Funny Paintball Team Names

It is very simple and easy fun game. You need a paintball marker, paintballs, masks or goggles. The game strategy is divided into five segments. Firstly, you have to decide place and fix boundaries. Before starting game take a look of the whole place, clear the field and select starting and opposite points. Secondly, mark the dead zone which the symbolic name for starting point and show it to the player. Dead zone is not real but during game it hides the player as it is eliminated. You can also hide extra thing in this field. Thirdly, make sure that all the players know the objectives of the game. Fourthly, the time starts as the first player moves. The start of the game is called “game on.” The player has to complete the task without any shot of paintball. These paintballs are made of thin capsules and filled with liquid colors. The players have to target opponent with the guns loaded with the paintballs.


  1. Paint owns
  2. Game busters
  3. Ball shooters
  4. Multi stars
  5. Big cheaters
  6. Mud masks
  7. Water tanks
  8. Happy colors
  9. Messy balls
  10. Paint pandas

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