10 Funny Red Pink Team Names

Among all colors red is always prominent, enthusiastic and warm in nature. It is mostly associated with revolution, passion and fire. Many countries have used red color in their flag because it shows their struggle and success after bloody revolutions. We cannot limit this color for blood; in nature it has great contribution. All fruits and flowers with their natural colors are the creation of God. The apple, tomato and roses etc. are few common examples in daily life. Psychology impact of red is violence, anger and it increases blood pressure.

As compare to red, pink is cool, calm and color of acceptance. In friendship moods, pink is the color of charm and love. In European countries and USA, pink is used for the dresses of little girls because of its tender and delicate touch. Psychologically, this color is taken as peaceful, caring and soft. This is mostly used in candies, flowery designs and cosmetic products for giving natural effect.


  1. Pink stars
  2. Lucky strike
  3. Cool lords
  4. Red rollers
  5. Lazy gales
  6. Red foxes
  7. Net devils
  8. Flying witches
  9. Red robins
  10. Pink reptiles

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