10 Funny Triathlon Team Names

Tri means three and the name of this sport shows that it consists of swimming, cycling and running. Initially, it was supported by local clubs, later it became a part of international sports.  trithalon vary in length and distances for men and women. Most of the players participate in trithalon for physical fitness. There are five sessions with a sequence. The equipments for these sports are different for other sports.

In swimming, players use different techniques such as dolphin kicking and sighting. They use special costume called trilathon wet suit. Special bikes are used for the cycling race. The features of bikes are aerodynamic having frame tubes, handle bars and spoked wheels. For runners motivation is necessary along with fluid and calories. Before triathlon training classes are arranged, players practice there and get useful tips for winning the competitions. There hard training gives confidence and makes them ready for striving in tough time. At the end there are celebrations for the winners.


  1. Tri wheelers
  2. Aero racers
  3. Urban cubs
  4. Aqua fighters
  5. Tri peaks
  6. The highlanders
  7. Metro trios
  8. Mighty Titans
  9. Blue dolphins
  10. Wet camels

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