10 Funny Warrior Names

Warriors are the persons who used to take part in wars in ancient times. Today’s soldiers can’t be said as warriors because the definition of a warrior say that it is a person who fight by a sword of arrows etc. in ancient times the courage or strength of a person was calculated by his ability to fight in the battle or the ring. Warriors were considered the symbol of bravery and strength, and still people think so. Here one thing is necessary to mention that only males are considered good warriors, but history says that females were as good as males. Its reason could be that fighting with swords was the only education the children get in past. Though warriors were symbol of bravery and people were scared of them, most of their names were not that impressive. Instead, their names were funny somehow. Like:


1. Sparctacus

2. Dourotard

3. Fightizer

4. Scorpion

5. Stabman

6. Gracias

7. Double fisted

8. Warnyou

9. Braveheart

10. grandzila

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