11 Funny Breast Cancer Walk Team Names

Conventional and old theories about diseases especially cancer, has been changed by end of 20th century. Now cure and treatment depends on the stages of cancer and remedies. For the remedial measures and awareness for this disease, many foundations and health association conduct seminars and walks. Another purpose behind these activities is to help affected people. The main cause is mood, depression and unhappiness. To prevent cancer try to make yourself happy moreover change your life style, body cleansing and healthy diet is also compulsory. The patient can get 30% cure only by laughing. For natural remedies, water, juices, vegetables and unrefined sea salt is best. The patient should not use toxins. Some physical activity like walking, jogging and exercising along the riverside or in nature is helpful for the prevention. Other physical activities including swimming, fishing and rowing are also good. Besides these exercises, yoga and meditation gives best results by changing moods.


  1. Cancer slayers
  2. Think pink
  3. Tough enough
  4. Tenacious
  5. Auspicious
  6. Hot steppers
  7. Courage for cure
  8. Pink warriors
  9. Dazzling diamonds
  10. Cleopatra squad
  11. Always Hopeful

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