11 Funny Fantasy Baseball Names

Hey my friend! Just stay here for a while and tell me one thing. Are you a true fan of baseball? If it is, then you are at right place. Today, I am going to unveil some weird reality about baseball. I am sure that the thing, I am going to share with you, will be a useful addition in your knowledge. You know well that baseball has become not only a national but an international game. The players of baseball are shinning in the sky of success and fame. However, have you ever noticed the names of some baseball players or even teams? It’s amazing. I can claim that you have never heard the name of any gaming team so much hilarious, as the names of baseball teams. Here, I have collected a very beautiful collection of funny fantasy baseball names just for you. 


1. Grand Theft Votto

2. Two and a Hoffman

3. Sheets and Giggles

4. Morales in wonderland

5. Take Maholm tonight

6. Don’t Ask Dotel

7. Tabata Bing

8. Though Huggies to Phill

9. Pants around your Ankles

10. Green Eggs and Hamilton

11. Either Said Than Dunn


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