11 Funny Girls, Ladies, and Women Team Names

In every society fashion, glamour and style is related to girls, ladies and women. But the behavior in different societies towards women varies. In the western culture women stands equally to men without any discrimination she can work get reach to high positions. In the third world countries living style is different and only few percent of women can enjoy equal rights.  By the change of time and new economic policies, society needs role of woman in nation building. New work places and means of earning are introduced for the illiterate women in the countries with low Gdp. In this modern age the girls have made a mark in educational activity. Women are now doctors, engineers and teachers. In different fields of study they are showing good performances. In many countries of the World women have made their place in politics. They are Prime minister, President and showing worth in different state departments.


  1. Lady gaga
  2. Flip flop
  3. Three witches
  4. Girls and goddesses
  5. Pandoras                     
  6. Witch crafts
  7. Funny trivia
  8. Red squirrels
  9. Pretty pals
  10. Barbie dolls
  11. steady heal

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