11 Funny Horseshoe Team Names

This funny interesting game is played in United States and Canada. In older days people used to throw horseshoe, now in modern times a U-shaped metal piece is used for the playing tool. Two to four players can participate in the game. The place used for game can be sandy pitch or a rectangular court. The most recommended dimensions for the court are 6 feet wide and 46 feet long. Inside pitcher a pit is selected six feet or less. There in pit a stick is placed for targets. The game starts by tossing a coin. Now the players of both teams throw horseshoe shaped rings towards the stick. The scoring of this simple game is complicated. The nearest of the two horseshoe will be counted for one point. The National horseshoe pitchers association has formed rules for the game. This game is also an indoor game because it can be played in the backyards or lawns of the houses.


  1. Black beauties
  2. Gypsy vanner
  3. Blue and gold
  4. Pony riders
  5. Flying angels
  6. Cloud jumpers
  7. The strikers
  8. Bitter sweets
  9. Hitting bricks
  10. Cross headers
  11. Horsy Hunter

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