11 Funny Minor League Team Names

The minor league works for the benefits of base ball players. The structure of the league is formed to establish player and deal with the issues of ownership, salaries & contracts. The game baseball is played between two teams with nine players in each side. Basic tools for play are a bat, a ball and gloves. The batter players try to hit the ball out of the reach of the fielders. They also make runs by completing a circuit after hitting ball.  The game comprises of nine innings. Each team tries to make runs for only three outs.  For taking decisions during game there is an umpire behind the plate. The field for game is called in field. Its shape is like a diamond and consists of three plates, first, second and home plate. The rules for baseball are tough, player should aware of the rule of appealing, defending and running between the strike zone.


  1. Red socks
  2. Detroit tigers
  3. Blue Whales
  4. Thunder bolts
  5. Quick hitters
  6. Rock idiots
  7. Fussy pals
  8. The Rampages
  9. Furious balls
  10. Tsunami tigers
  11. Gingers

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