11 Funny Paladin Names

Paladin was the name of the group of warriors who belonged from French court. The paladins are still considered as the symbol of Christian bravery and courage.  They stood up at the time when Christianity was getting down. They appeared to be the companions of court men but in 12th century they were thought of the right hand of the king in deciding different state-related matters. They were said to be the champions of Midvale period. They were considered as the champions who did not only have the power but also the courage and ability. It was said that a paladin has the ability of turning a mo into a well trained army. This shows that how much powerful and able they were. They are still considered the most well trained and fearless warriors. As they lived on the earth many centuries ago, now they are just remembered by their names (if recorded). Today a video game named Pally is very famous in which paladins fight. Some of the names of paladins sound funny to us no matter how much mesmerizing they were in the battle like: 


1. Brave hearth

2. Opadin

3. Ownadin

4. Leetadin

5. Metelhead

6. Agnus

7. Alba

8. Pillowfighta

9. Bovine

10. Helaku

11. weayayay

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