11 Funny Pirate Team Names

Pirate of the Caribbean is film based online PC game. It is published and developed by popular   Disney Interactive Media. With a genre of fantasy and history it has good music and beautiful landscape of land and sea. The game play is about combat with small ancient weapons. It starts on the island of Rambleshack, with the Captain Jack and the black smith who turns to pirates. The game is very impressive, everything including characters, voice and features are fully customized. You can create characters and show skills to earn gold coins. As a player you have to do many more, for instance you are making ships and you have to arrange crew to handle them. Travel on ship, battle with swords, and treasure of gold are all important hints which attracts every player. The game creates a legendary effect that nobody stops game play.  Don’t afraid with the rousing sound tracks and deaths by swords.


  1. Sword flyers
  2. Sea horses
  3. Ship rats
  4. Gold coins
  5. Death stealers
  6. Pirate bears
  7. Smoky rifles
  8. Boat riders
  9. The Icelanders
  10. Captain frogs
  11. Sea Movers

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