11 Funny Ragnar Team Names

Ragnar is distance running sports. In this team game the players are encouraged by all team members for good performance. For this race, manage a group of friends or people around you and divide them in two or more teams. Now it is time to decide the place for this event. Keep in mind how many miles your teams can run and what time is suitable according to weather conditions. Many ragnar relays held in the evening and continue till next day, people used to stay in the vans and buses over night on road sides and camped there. As the day breaks they start running. This relay is not tough, lots of fun and ridiculous activities are performed by team members, for example, last year in race there was an activity that during race runner had to pluck a flower and give it to a girl. Diet planners and nutritionist also participate and organize ragnar relays.


  1. Ninja runners
  2. Red stones
  3. Diet rovers
  4. Pace makers
  5. Step fords
  6. Mont moves
  7. Tough hangers
  8. Ragner lions
  9. Cool walkers
  10. Pied pipers
  11. Seal Packed

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