11 Funny T Shirt Names

Men have rich collection of shirts for different occasions. For instance they cannot ware dress shirt in the golf club, polo shirt will look awkward at dinner. It is only because there are many types of shirts and most popular are T-shirt, camp shirt, dress shirt and sweat shirt. But this is not enough, collar style and colors also vary sometimes. In 18th century shirt was decorated with frills and embroidery around cuffs and collars. Polo players used special shirts with buttoned down collars with blazers. Now it has been changed. Formal and informal dressing is different from past. Brand name is more important than decoration. Dress shirts are used according to fashion. The most common wearing among men are formal T-shirts for its comforts. Sports shirts are used by player both as long sleeves or short sleeves. These are especially made for player and particular for teams. This style is called a uniform. Some local teams arrange T-shirts for unity and identifying players of two teams.


  1. Silver shirt
  2. Red collar
  3. The Pick pocket
  4. Gray wool
  5. Turtle neck
  6. French cuff
  7. Darner shot
  8. Trendy tailor
  9. Blood sweat
  10. Cool runner
  11. Tea Shirt

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