11 Funny Team Names List for Trivia

Trivia is an online quiz show. You are different questions and you have answer. Don’t confuse about these queries, trivial questions are always difficult to answer. It an IQ test and the results will be seen by you only. Keep in mind your opponent is very intelligent guess it, yes it’s your computer, a biggest challenge don’t get jealous of it. And don’t crush it after reading your score. You are not going to give any written test just choose the best answer from the given four or five options. Some online trivia have options to remove the wrong answer which is a good you can do the right one. Learn few tips before playing; estimate yourself the questions will be about history, geography, literature, grammar, music, science and logics. You can ask any question to your from the quiz if he is online. Trivia is a good brain drain activity and it useful especially for high school and collegiate students.


  1. High queries
  2. Sum eaters
  3. Web brains
  4. Naughty elves
  5. Super evils
  6. Wrong ideas
  7. Furious dogs
  8. Hurry bees
  9. Genius monkeys
  10. Hot cakes
  11. Fade Eyes

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