12 Funny Bicycling Cycle Team Names

Bicycling is commonly seen on the roads but it becomes special event in Olympics and racing competitions. The roots of this game belong to France where first bicycle race was held in 1868. In 1896, it was introduced for 87km race. This game comprises on different categories. Major events of bicycling in the World are; grand tour, Olympic game, uci pro tour and Paris-Rouen. The players of bicycling are chosen according to their specialites. The rider needs stamina, courage and strength to reach the finishing line. Bicycle is friendly game with natural atmosphere. This game gets coverage from TV, news paper and other media on huge level. All the European countries support this event. Now they are waiting for a challenging event held at London in 2012. It is expected that streets of London will be packed with crowd, fans and spectators from all over the world.



  1. Devils
  2. Bombers
  3. White Lighting
  4. Knight Riders
  5. Carnivores
  6. Horse power
  7. Dare devils
  8. Giants
  9. Rocky Mountains
  10. Fat Chance
  11. Tornados
  12. Cycling with Style


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