12 Funny Boys, Guys, and Mens Team Names

A nation’s strength is its youth, courage and bravery is men at War, and intelligence is a scientist. All the scientific progress, all the works of art of the human are due the working will power of man in every society. The intensity of striving in difficult conditions and decisions making not only in war times but in practical life are mostly taken by men.


 Role of youth is always criticized as well as appreciated in every culture and society. It is because the youth has new vision, qualities to cope with challenges and capacity to accept upcoming change in surroundings. It is the duty and responsibility of government and society to help them and promote their ideas as an encouragement. The youth should keep in that they are responsible for the future of their nation. They have to show promising role in every field, they are future statesman, judges, doctors, businessmen, Ambassadors and policy makers.


  1. Chip munks
  2. Wiki boys
  3. Fat guys
  4. Titans
  5. Quick silvers
  6. Old souls
  7. Zombies
  8. Cranky Dudes
  9. Gorgeous guys
  10. Grey dogs
  11. pale dude
  12. mad dude

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