12 Funny Hamster Names

Hamsters are such mammals that belong to rodent family. They have very strange behavior means they do not expose themselves in the daylight, as they have fear from predators. Today, the trend of keeping hamsters as pet animals is emerging in all over the world and people love to keep them at their homes due to their funny behavior. Not only children, but elders also like this creature very much. Because of their funny behavior, people try to keep their names such a humorous one. Actually, they think that no other name expect funny will match their shy and innocent behavior. For this reason, they do a lot of effort to find an appropriate and funny name for their pet hamsters. Here, I have gathered some truly funny names for your pet hamster. So, don’t waste time and just select any one according to behavior of your hamster.



1. Azuki

2. Ella

3. Honey

4. Jojo

5. Nina

6. Dany

7. Button

8. DJ

9. Lee Lee

10. Scooby

11. Tojo

12. Zizzi


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