12 Funny Hindi, Indian and Asian Team Names

Asian games or Asaid held among Asian countries after every four years. These games have been introduced in 1978. This is the second grand event after Olympics. The participants of Asian games are affiliated 45 members from Olympic council. Due to critical political situation some countries refused to participate in past. All the popular games including hockey, Tennis, Karate, rowing and softball gain special attention of the spectators. These games establish good relations between countries and give them economic benefits also. When this event takes place in an Asian Country, the whole World not only enjoys games but also comes to know about Asian civilization, culture and traditions. Trade and transaction starts through different delegations. Among all Asian country china is on best position for winning medals in different sports events. These games are a message for rest of the world that Asians are strong and capable to participate in international sports events.


  1. Asian tigers
  2. Ganga boys
  3. Mugal squad
  4. King Salmons
  5. Road runners
  6. Devil horses
  7. Dehli deers
  8. Sultans troops
  9. White tusks
  10. Indian idols
  11. Beast of East
  12. Hindi Darwin

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