12 Funny Trophy and License Plate Names

Trophies are a kind of rewards for the winning teams. Every team makes efforts for the success in order to get it. In ancient Greeks, it was used as a symbol of victory in the battle field during sports. Styles of trophies are different all in games; some are of bottle, statues, animals, mugs and cups shaped. Sliver plates are also awarded as a trophy in most of the sports events.  Trophies for world’s most popular events are expensive and unique in designs.


Just like human names, vehicles have licensing plates for recognitions. This procedure was introduced for the safety and traffic rule regulations. These plates consist of names and numbers allotted to the vehicles. Material used in its making is plastic or metal. After doing legal process and registration a car, bus, motorbike or any other vehicle gets it licensing plate. The authority for the road safety entered the number in their data base for a record. The size of plate and style of displaying number is different in all countries.



  1. Stubby holders
  2. Badge mates
  3. The Platinums
  4. Red redemptions
  5. Big numbers
  6. Jeep guys
  7. Van mores
  8. Bad bulls
  9. Formula ones
  10. Top gears
  11. Rock Shield
  12. Black Hawk


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