12 Funny Ultimate Frisbee Team Names

As the name show this game is played with round disc plate called Frisbee. The game is played between two teams and each team consists of seven players. A court is used usually but it can be played in any open place by drawing a line in two halves (centre). The players have to catch the Frisbee without crossing their line zones. All the team members show active participation and defensive moods in the game. This sport is not limited to outdoor, it can be played in back yards of the houses and indoors also. In schools, colleges and universities this game is very popular among students. The rules for the play is not so strict, you cannot take time out in the last moments of play. If you catch the disc in the line zone you will get point. The aim and strategy for the game is to pass Frisbee to other player into the end zone and the opponents try to revert it.


  1. Safe stars
  2. Space saucers
  3. Fris birds
  4. Flying zones
  5. Crazy bees
  6. Killing coppers
  7. Disc clouds
  8. Grey hawks
  9. Slip discs
  10. Daisy cutters
  11. Curling Frisbees
  12. The Catchers

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