12 Funny Walking Team Names

The only concept in our mind for walk is dieting which is only a health benefit. The health researchers suggest 30 minutes walk per day for fitness purpose. These few minutes will prevent diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease. Things to do for walk; wear comfortable shoes, take a water bottle with you in kit bag and choose a walk track or a place with healthy environment. In the fresh air breathe deeply and walk briskly. After two or three sessions of walk you will feel change both mentally and physically. There are many charity and fund raising societies who conduct such activities. Along with fitness campaigns these social workers give knowledge to people about nutrition and give awareness of diseases. Some time free medical camps are facilitate people. In Britain a long walk is called race walking. It is a challenging sport with many rules and regulation. Therefore, only athletes take part in this event it.


  1. Cunning bulls
  2. Dusty shoots
  3. Victory secrets
  4. Sparkle ways
  5. Dead walkers
  6. Milky ways
  7. Tough striders
  8. The highways
  9. Gay walkers
  10. Passer byes
  11. Lazy Walkers
  12. Swift Dudes

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