12 Funny Wifi Wireless Network and Router Names

Wifi and routers are means to connect with the internet. Wireless wifi is the emerging technology through which we can connect to the internet even at our mobile phones. Its use is really easy because we do not need to connect any wire or cable to our computer, palmtop, mobile phone or any other device o9n which we want to connect internet. Other uses of wifi and routers are to direct computer or any other device for proper function and to communicate with other devices. In development of LANs and MANs these technologies can be used domestically or nationally. On international klevel these technologies are being used in WANs. Most common example of this (being used in WANs) is wireless internet. Different names have been given to wifi networks and other routers. Some of them are funny as well, like:


1. Unprotected 

2. Terror network

3. The 70’s router

4. Default

5. Maple laughs

6. Spetulacity

7. Minute 

8. Netgear

9. Fox

10. Macrumors

11. Talk n talk

12. I connect u

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