13 Funny Death Knight Names

If you are a great fan of fiction games, then you are at right place. Have you need some mind-blowing and funny name for your death knight? I think, I am very near to your heartily desire. Don’t worry buddy! I am also a great fan of death knight and have done a great struggle for selecting some really fascinating name of it. However, I have wasted a lot of time in searching, but I don’t want this for you. You can trust on me and stay here for a while. I assure you that my collection of funny death names will be a new addition for you and you will really amuse after getting this list. So, don’t waste your time in searching on other sites and just go through these funny names of death knights. You will surely praise my efforts, which are just for you.


1. Knight Mare

2. Death Knizzle 

3. Knightly Knight

4. Day and Knight

5. Good Knight

6. Donkey Kong

7. Pastor of Buffets

8. Unholy Cow

9. Dayand Knight

10. Black Knight

11. Deadly Dozon

12. Freaks 

13. Desperado

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