13 Funny Ice Hockey Team Names

Ice hockey was introduced in 1908 and its first European championship was held in 1910 at Switzerland. In the earlier days only five countries participated in forming the federation mainly, Great Britain, Switzerland, Franc and Belgium. Later in1920, Canada not only became a part of the game but also got Olympic title of ice hockey. Now it has become famous in Canada. For this sport, special floor is prepared with concrete, spray of water over it and freezing pipe to protect it from melting. Two teams play match with six players from each side. The team is divided in four types of players, goaltenders, defensemen, center and wings. The essential strategy of the game is speed and defenseman. In the end of the game, a team trailing by a goal replaces its goaltender by a forward to attack with more players. Another exciting moment of the game is penalty shots, it declares the winning team.


  1. Super nicks
  2. Ice brats
  3. Icy pals
  4. Bravo boys
  5. Alaskan stars
  6. Maple leaves
  7. Cold shots
  8. Ice bergs
  9. Polar bears
  10. White tigers
  11. Shivering Sticks
  12. Sticks Dandlers
  13. Ice Dolphins

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