13 Funny NBA Player Names

NBA stands for National basketball Association. Basketball is one of the most played games in the world. It is popular because of its ease of playing. Ease in the sense that it requires a small area, a ball, a basket hung up and players. It can be called both indoor and outdoor game. NBA is an association or organization that is working for the betterment of the game and its players for more than a half century. It is located in America and many basketball clubs are under this organization. It is called that if a basketball team or club is registered under NBA, there is no chance of it not being recognized nationwide. So, it can be said that NBA is a key to success. Players feel secure after coming under the shadow of NBA. There are more than 35 basketball clubs and hundreds of basketball players playing under the NBA. Many of these players have really funny names like:


1. Sleepy floyed

2. Mookie blaylock

3. Fat lever

4. Pape sow

5. Bo outlaw

6. Moochie noris

7. Smush parker

8. Speedy Claxton

9. Tree rollins

10. Rudy

11. Stromile swift

12. Nani hilario

13. Muggsy

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