13 Funny Quizzo and Quiz Night Team Names

Quizzo is an online quiz game that is free of cost but pays the player after winning the game. This game or quiz is played on live messenger. Quizzo is played not b/w two individuals; rather it is played b/w two teams. Both teams try to answer maximum details questions. The team who answers maximum questions wins the game. Because of its simplicity this quiz competition is quite popular in internet world. Quiz night games are also similar to the Quizzo or any other quiz contest. Quiz night games are also usually played on internet. These games are usually held in such an environment where teams can easily participate, so net is the cheapest venue to play games like this. Mostly there are eight to ten rounds of questions in a quiz night game and every round has 10 questions usually. In different parts of the world, Quizzo and quiz night games have been held. Different teams are there who play these games. Some funny names of these teams are:



1. 8 lost miners

2. 15 next to us gonna lose

3. You can

4. Hurricane dean

5. Space shuttle endeavors

6. Show your yells

7. We play

8. Quizzers

9. The beg teasers

10. Other than that

11. Mafia backed

12. The four skins

13. Defeat is yours

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